Duurzaamheid 2015

Wat is de stand van zaken op het gebied van Duurzaamheid anno 2015 ?

Duurzaamheid 2015Om een goed inzicht te krijgen in de stand van zaken op het gebied van Duurzaamheid anno 2015 verwijzen wij graag naar twee onlangs uitgebrachte rapportages, namelijk die van de European Environment Agency (EEA) en de Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Onderstaand een korte intro (in het Engels) bij beide rapportages en de mogelijkheid om deze rapportages in PDF format te bekijken.

European Environment Agency (EEA)
This report provides new insights into adaptation monitoring, reporting and evaluation (MRE) systems at the national level in Europe and constitutes the first attempt to consolidate emerging information across European countries. It aims to offer reliable and targeted information to support the effective and efficient implementation of climate adaptation policies and actions at the national level in Europe.

>> EEA – Climate change adaptation in Europe <<

Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Today’s linear ‘take, make, dispose’ economic model, which relies on large quantities of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy, has been at the heart of industrial development and has generated an unprecedented level of growth. Yet recent sharp price rises, increased volatility and growing pressure on resources have alerted business leaders and policy makers to the necessity of rethinking materials and energy use – the time is right, many argue, to take advantage of the potential benefits of a circular economy.

 >> Ellen MacArthur Foundation 26-Nov-2015 <<

Onze Duurzaamheid anno 2015 laat dus nog te wensen (doen!) over.

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